MRAC tenants enjoy stable housing. Initially, tenants sign a six-month tenancy agreement. In this time, we will visit twice and if everything goes smoothly you will enter a periodic tenant agreement, which means you can stay as long as you meet your obligations as a tenant.


Most tenants pay their rent fortnightly, but some pay weekly. If you get paid monthly, talk to us so we can let you know how much rent you need to pay. All tenants must pay their rent in advance so they don’t fall into arrears before their next payment is made.
From time to time, MRAC reviews rents. If you have a periodic tenancy, you will be given 60 days’ written notice of any rent increase. You are welcome to contact the MRAC office with any questions or concerns about any rent increase.

Home Maintenance

Keeping MRAC properties in great condition is a joint responsibility between MRAC and our tenants. Please contact MRAC if any fixtures or fittings need to be fixed or if you have accidentally caused damage to your MRAC home.

Urgent Maintenance

For life-threatening emergencies, including fire and major storm damage, contact 000.

For urgent emergencies during business hours, contact the office on 9923 0055. For urgent emergencies after hours, contact 0437 062 830. This number is only available after hours.

Urgent emergencies include taps that tingle when you touch them as this can cause electric shock, exposed electrical wiring, major water leaks and security problems. If your toilet is blocked or your septic tank is overflowing, contact us immediately so we can fix it for you. If after hours, please contact the after-hours service.