Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation sees a future where all Aboriginal people have a high-quality, affordable home. We are a leading voice in our Community and the first choice in housing services for Aboriginal People.

Our Values

Culturally Strong – Our culture is strong, unique and unbroken. We value diversity, inclusiveness and do not judge.

Fair – We provide services to all eligible Aboriginal people and their families. Our strategies and policies are developed to be fair to everyone.

Honest – We act with honesty and integrity at all times. We take personal responsibility for our actions.

Transparent – We’ll answer any questions you have and explain how we’ve made each decision by following the Corporation’s approved policies.

Quality with Innovation – As a corporation, we have high work standards and are committed to continuous improvement. We are open to new ideas and welcome productive change.

Strategic Priorities

Excellence in Housing Services
MRAC seeks to set the industry standard in quality and affordable homes for our tenants. The Corporation provides a service that is fair, transparent and responsive to the needs and requests of our tenants.

Growth in High-Quality Housing Stock
We are buying more quality, secure and comfortable houses. Purchasing additional properties means MRAC can provide more homes to Aboriginal people. MRAC maintains its properties to a high standard and when appropriate sells houses that are no longer suitable. All money received from property sales is used to purchase additional properties, so the quality of our housing continually improves.

High-Performance Team
Just like our houses, MRAC’s staff are improving all the time through training, development and quality recruitment. We aim to make MRAC a great place to work so that the Corporation can keep our existing staff with their valuable skills and knowledge and recruit excellent people to fill vacancies as they arise.

Good Governance
MRAC has established a strong board and governance framework since special administration was finalised in September 2015. Since that time, the Corporation has implemented a continuous quality-improvement framework covering governance, financial, administrative and property and tenancy management. MRAC has chosen to use this difficult period in our history as a learning opportunity to create a healthier, more robust and transparent business. The Corporation has gone from strength to strength since then.

Financial Sustainability
MRAC is financially viable and sustainable. There is a high level of accountability and transparency in MRAC’s financial management systems. Income and expenses are carefully managed to ensure there are sufficient funds available to improve our properties and plan for future large commitments, such as major upgrade programs and annual insurance premiums. Strong financial management means the Corporation is sustainable into the future.