Your Rights as a Tenant

If you are applying for or receiving a service from MRAC, you have the right to:

Respect for your culture

Be considered for housing based on fair policies
Information should be easy to understand and include who makes the decisions and how you will be informed.

Access support to maintain your MRAC tenancy
You have the opportunity to meet with MRAC staff to discuss your circumstances and be provided with options to help you manage a tenancy that suits your needs.

Feel safe
Your MRAC housing will be safe, secure and healthy.

Be free from discrimination
Information about your rights is made available and support is provided if you feel discriminated against.

Respect, dignity and privacy

Make your own choices that will affect your future
MRAC will give you the information you need to make decisions, including the possible consequences of those decisions.

Make a complaint or appeal a decision you do not agree with and receive an answer that makes sense to you
MRAC will provide information on how to make a complaint or appeal a decision and provide an answer that makes sense to you.

Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

Respect the cultural backgrounds and privacy of others

Supply the correct and necessary information about you and your circumstances to MRAC

Fair access to housing relies on MRAC making decisions based on accurate information.

Respect the rights of others to feel safe

Applicants and tenants are responsible for ensuring their actions, or the actions of people invited into the home, do not make other people feel unsafe.

This includes dealing with MRAC staff in the office, in your home and during telephone calls.

Treat others with respect and dignity

Meet your responsibilities as a tenant

All tenants have obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act (1987). These include paying rent, treating neighbours and staff respectfully and looking after your home.

If you cannot pay rent or have another problem, contact MRAC quickly to discuss a solution that suits your needs and circumstances.