To apply for a house, please complete the application form (link to form) and return it to the MRAC office. If you need assistance, please contact MRAC early in the process. MRAC staff are happy to work through the application with you. To help us to process your application as quickly as possible please:

  • Complete all sections of the document.
  • Provide all requested documents.
  • Include current details of two recent rental references.

Housing application and allocation process

Step 1

Prospective tenant completes all sections of the application form (link)

Step 2

MRAC assesses the application and confirms the following:

  • Eligibility
    To be eligible for a MRAC house, you must meet the criteria outlined here. (link)
  • Affordability
    We check to make sure rent payments will not cause you financial hardship.
  • References
    Your application must include two references. We contact these references to find out about your rental history.
  • Department of Communities – Housing status
    Applicants who have previously rented from the Department of Communities need to sign a release form so MRAC can obtain a reference from them.

Previous bad records do not necessarily prevent you from being approved for a MRAC house. The assessment process usually takes about two weeks from the time we receive all your documents. In some circumstances, assessment can be delayed if rental references are difficult to obtain.

Step 3

MRAC will send you a letter telling you the outcome of your application.

Successful Applications

Successful applications are transferred to the waiting list. We will match you to a suitable house depending on availability, your location and your housing requirements. Due to the demand for properties and diverse applicant requirements, this stage can take time. Please let us know if your phone number or contact details change.

Unsuccessful Applications

It is rare that an application is not approved. However, your application could be declined if it doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria (link) or for other MRAC operational reasons that vary from applicant to applicant. MRAC is happy to explain how each decision is made according to our approved policies. If you have questions, give us a call.
If you feel a decision is not right, you can appeal. Read about how to appeal here (link). An independent Appeals Committee will review all the information and MRAC’s decision and make their own decision on whether you should be eligible. If the appeal is successful, you will be transferred to the appropriate waiting list.

Step 4

It is time to move in.

When we have found you a suitable house, you are invited to sign an initial six-month tenancy agreement and become familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. (link to page) During the first six months we’ll visit twice to make sure everything is ok. If the house suits you and you have settled into the location well, you will enter a periodic tenant agreement. This means you can stay for as long as you meet your obligations as a tenant.